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Cloud Platform solution introduction

HiCloud, a cloud platform solution, combines the latest big data and IoT technology with advanced customized classroom interactive devices to enable intelligent teaching and learning in the Internet of Things era. The advent of the information age subverts the traditional teaching methods. Hicloud introduces the concept of learning from teaching, the concept of learning to teach, the evaluation of teaching achievements through big data statistical analysis, abandoning the traditional cramming teaching and realizing the real interaction teaching.

Cloud Platform Solution Constitute:

HiCloud contains the following devices:
Cloud platform, smart tablet, Teacher Assistant application, IOT cloud box, intelligent answering machine and other parts.

Cloud platform solution function

Cloud platform achieves the function of preparation of teaching and research, interactive classroom, classroom teaching, homework exercises, intelligent correction, test evaluation, statistical analysis, campus life and other functions.

In order to enhance the using experience of traditional paper and pen, we provide teachers and students with a smart tablet. Paper pen conventional writing, automatically form data convergence cloud, does not change the user habits, teachers and students get started. Teachers can make courseware offline production through intelligent pen tablet, cloud data upload and backup, courseware interaction, and live interactive. Students can implement smart tests, quizzes, e-notes and other functions through interactive whiteboards to streamline processes and increase efficiency.

To improve the efficiency of classroom interaction between teachers and students, Hicloud introduced a smart clickers program. Intelligent clickers can instantly count students answer the results, so that teachers can quickly and accurately see the effect of learning, to be targeted. At the same time teachers can reward and comment on students, attracts student's attention, to ensure teaching effectiveness.

The Hicloud platform is designed with Wisdom Assist and Wisdom Exam modules. The teacher can arrange the pre-class assignments and after-school assignments on the HiCloud online. Students can complete the after-school assignments through the app provided by HiCloud. Hicloud's objective titling system can correct the online assignments and feedback the results. Through the big data acquisition and analysis system, it is convenient to learn to teach, and the wrong questions are automatically pushed to the students end by subject. For the traditional exam to waste manpower and resources,

For campus security, we launched a smart campus program to achieve intelligent security communications, attendance consumption and other functions. Security sign-in function allows parents to get timely information on children to school. Campus consumption management system for consumer spending management needs of the campus, so that the cash register cashier or card cashier to socialization, financial convergence. Using the built-in chip ID card recognition function, students can swipe into the library, and choose the type of library for credit card borrowing

Cloud Platform Solution Advantage:

Cloud platform features a comprehensive and powerful, to achieve a full range of three-dimensional teaching management process.

The technology of cloud cloud box makes platform deployment easy and scalability.

The platform has a variety of deployment methods that can adapt to different network environments, different customer needs

Easy to use, combined with hardware and software to achieve classroom interaction, campus security, problem feedback and good classroom environment.